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Sunday, April 2, 2017

On The Other Side

“It’s about time”, spoke Shakuntala Devi with a loud voice from inside the kitchen.
“Yess. I am on it. One button-click away”, replied Srinivas Rao energetically as his index finger pressed the power button.
Shakuntala sprinted to the living room as the machine came to life with the signature boot-up sound of Windows.
“Connect it quickly”, told Shakuntala as she sat down beside Srinivas and watched the blue screen that showed the Welcome text.

Meanwhile Shakuntala turned her eyes to the 2 clocks that were firmly fixed on the wall. One clock was ticking at 6.10 AM and the other showed 8.40 PM.
A beautifully framed photograph was present between the 2 clocks. Shakuntala heaved a sigh by looking at her son, daughter-in-law and grandson in the photograph.
Krishna and Keerthi have been married for 7 years and little Vaibhav is now 6 years old. In the last 7 years they have come home thrice.
The train of her thoughts derailed when Shakuntala heard the incoming call on the screen. Srinivas Rao gently clicked on the green button.

Shakuntala and Srinivas both were in high spirits to see the window loading slowly.
A square window popped up with the visuals of 3 vague figures slowly turning into definite faces – Krishna, Keerthi and Vaibhav in between.

“Hey grandpa and grandma ! what up. Gimme Five. ”, cheered Vaibhav slapping his right palm against the camera.
“Hello – Hai Vaibhav”, both the retired grandparents raised their hands giving high five.
“What’s new father? How is your BP? Took the tablets?”, questioned Krishna.
“Hmmm. I’m taking tablets. My blood pressure would be normal if you all are around us“, paused Srinivas Rao with  half-smile.
“I understand father. But our project is going to be released in the near future and my calendar is mostly packed up with meetings you know. I come home tired…...”, stopped Krishna as he saw Shakuntala signaling Srinivas not to upset the mood.
“So Vaibhav what are you doing this weekend?”, Shakuntala gently spoke looking at the camera.
“Well ! Dad is taking me to skateboarding class. And we might go out for a movie. Right Dad?”, Vaibhav answered enthusiastically as Krishna nodded.
“Aunty, Why don’t you both come here for some time.”, suggested Keerthi.
“We’re fine here Keerthi. Will plan some other time”, smiled Shakuntala gently rejecting the offer.

For some more time both the groups talked about so many things like Vaibhav’ s education, new neighbors, the weather, new recipes and what not.
Shakuntala and Srinivas thoroughly enjoyed and smiled all along the conversation though signs of monotony was felt on the other end of the camera.

“ Time for bed grandpa”, Vaibhav interrupted.  
“ Oh sorry child. Didn’t keep track of the time. Good Night. ”,  wished Srinivas.
“ Good day grandma and grandpa. Take care”, greeted Vaibhav and disappeared with Keerthi.
“ So. What else Krishna?”, asked Shakuntala.
“ Nothing ma. Take good care. We will connect again tomorrow.”, answered Krishna.
“ Yes. WE WILL WAIT FOR TOMORROW. Good Night Krishna. Take Care”, said Shakuntala as Srinivas nodded his head.

Krishna gently closed the Skype window and went back to his room with a tired look without having any idea what’s happening on the other end.

There was a beep sound and the window that was the reason for the smiles of Shakuntala and Srinivas vanished away from their sight .
Srinivas Rao turned off the computer joylessly. Again there appeared a blue screen. But this time saying Shutting down.
In about 11 seconds the 15.6 inch blue screen went totally black. The reflection of 2 dispirited faces could be seen on it.

One cannot know if the reflection of the faces on the screen were really pale or if it was because of the poor quality of the LCD.

-Ignore any grammatical mistakes

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Flyover To The Future

If (You Have Time)

“ Hello there! Wake up kiddo. You look tiny and creepy. Who are you? “
“ Hi!!!  Is it morning already? ”
Yeah. Tell me who you are before I wish you good morning.
I go by the name - seed. I came here yesterday night. May I know who you are?
You don’t know me? I am stone. They call me milestone.
Nice meeting you Mr. Milestone. What do you do?
“ Well, I stand here. I just stand here all day and watch people around me. I have been standing here for years. I don’t think I have seen anyone like you before.”, the milestone briefed.

“ Well, that’s the reason he brought me here. To make my presence felt.”, enthused the seed.
“ He? Who is he? ”, questioned the milestone.
“ I’m sorry I forgot to mention about my master. He found me inside a fruit. Then on his way back home he put me here.”, answered the seed.
“ Beneath the sand?”, inquired the milestone.
“ Yeah. That’s where I reside. But one day I will spring up.”, the seed told.
“ You look very small and tiny. What do you take to live?”, the milestone asked.
“ Only Water, air and some light.” the seed answered.
“ Then your master need not spend even a penny on you. He must be a happy master for having a freebie. “, the milestone chuckled.
“ Absolutely, I ask nothing. One day I will try to be of great help to my master.”, the seed believed.

One fine day. “ Hey seed, what have you become? ”
I am not seed any more. I have sprouted up. Call me Sprout.
“ Wow, sprout. You still appear little. But you are lovely and adorable now. I love things that grow.”, expressed the milestone.
“ Thank you for the compliments. Look there. My master.”, the sprout gazed anxiously.
“ Yes I see him. He is busy making a small ‘Way’.”, replied the milestone.
“ Way?”, the sprout inquired.
“Yes. A way to walk.  Generally a way to his future.”, answered the milestone.
“I believe I will be part of his future.”, exclaimed the sprout.

Some days later. Another fine day.
“ You look taller and stronger now.”, the milestone expressed.
“ You are mistaken. Now I grew up. I am called sapling now.”, explained the sapling.
“ Sapling? You are amazing.”, complimented the milestone. “You know what, you are not tinier any more”.
“ Look at your master. He is busy laying road. ”, the milestone spoke.
“ Road? ”, inquired the sapling.  “ Is he not happy with the way?”
“ Now he is laying road to ride. May be the road to a BETTER future.”, the milestone laughed.
“ I still hope that I will be part of his future ”, the sapling hoped.

After a brief period of time. One fine day.
“ It’s been a long time since we had a conversation. You have grown taller than I thought you would. Am I audible? ”, the milestone stared up.
“ Yeah. Now I have become The Tree ”, the tree conveyed staring down at the milestone. Don’t you feel happy now that I am able to give you shade? “
“ I feel blessed. You are such a nice thing. Thank you from the bottom of my stone-heart. “, the milestone giggled.
“ Never mention. I am happier now because I am able to serve my master in several ways. “, the tree delighted.
“ Now that you speak of your master. Look at him. I have heard that he is not satisfied with the road. He is trying to lay a highway.”, the milestone told.
“ Highway? ”, the tree queried.
“ Yes a highway. Highway to drive around. Highway to…..”
“His FUTURE ”, the tree interrupted with a sad tone “ I am not certain if I will be part of his future.”

Some days later. One not-so-fine day.
“ Hey woody!! watch out your master. He is coming to you with the wood cutters to uproot you”, the milestone shouted in grief.
“ What? Why? “, the tree was baffled.
“ He is planning to construct an elevated express way made of steel. A flyover”, the milestone spoke with a low voice.
“ Flyover? “, the tree asked.
“ Yes a flyover that can quickly lead to his future”, the milestone told.
“ But why uproot me? What harm have I done to him? “ the tree muttered.
“ He believes you are an obstacle. He thinks you are blocking the way to his future“, the milestone smirked.
“But where is the future without me? ” the tree cried in agony as the master axed.
The master never seemed to care and continued to axe the tree.
“ Just because I don’t bleed doesn’t mean that I don’t have life. Please stop ”, the tree groaned its last words.

After sometime the tree was felled and there was silence. The place turned gloomy and bleak thereafter.

“ Until now I thought I was the one who is DUMB and DEAF. Congrats Your future has reached a MIGHTY MILESTONE”, the milestone sneered at the master who was feeling smug.

Dedicated to all the masters who wish of building flyovers to our future.


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Friday, October 23, 2015



Karim Lala stealthily walked down the Subedaar street and halted in front of an electric pole which bore a payphone. The payphone was fixed to the pole with the help of couple of bolts both on the top and the bottom. The handset was hooked and was bound to the base unit by a twisted tinsel wire. Standing there, Karim scrabbled his right hand inside his trouser pocket and picked a coin. He carefully took the handset out with his left hand and held it appropriately. Doing so, he inserted a coin with his right hand and punched in a number. Karim could hear the phone ringing on the other end.

Hello , a voice mumbled.
Bhai, this is Karim , Karim spoke into the phone.
What is wrong with you Karim. Its 2.45 AM in the morning , the person yelled with a low-tone on the other end.
Bhai, I think we got Thakur.
What do you mean by ‘We got ThKari ?  , came through the receiver.
Karim looked around two make sure no one is watching and slowly whispered, I have solid information from a trustworthy source that Thakur is coming to a saloon in Subedaar street at around 3.30 AM. And moreover Tony is out of the town. I have my men already in their positions. Bhai, trust me this is the perfect time .
How do you know Tony is out of the town, Karim , questioned Bhai with a light cheer.
Through my source , Karim replied.

From a distance, Vinodh and Mukesh, the onlookers, watched Karim speak over the phone with gripping silence.

Karim ! You decided to take down the biggest and the most formidable man in the city and yet you inform me just half an hour before the act. It isn’t easy Karim. Without days or probably months of flawless planning and enough manpower we cannot dare lay a single finger on Thakur. You know not about Thakur’s immunity. He is not the same person who he was years ago, Karim. Thakur has grown along with Bombay. Today Thakur IS Bombay. Bombay IS Thakur , Karim heard Bhai gasp heavily.
Bhai, I don’t believe in planning. We are not doing a marriage to plan and distribute cards. We are doing a MURDER. It has to be done instantly. And planning for days is not safe because there are chances that the information might be couriered to the other end. It has to come as a surprise. Believe me Bhai, we will strike the tiger right at its heart , Karim explained.
I am still uncertain Karim. We are not dealing with a tiger. As far as I am concerned Thakur is a dragon. I know him and the people around him very well. Loyalty of the people around him is his immunity. You know Karim, a person with LOYALTY is invulnerable, infallible, indomitable, impregnable, invincible ,unassailable, unbeatable, unshakeable ,…………….
Bhai, enough of his abilities. Your dialogue is intolerable, unbearable and uncomfortable to listen. When I say I can DO it. I MEAN it. Trust me , Karim interrupted.
Would you mind revealing the name of your source, Karim  ? , Bhai asked with curiosity.
Bhai. Don’t be shocked. My source is Rekha.,Karim uttered slowly.
Whaaat !!  Rekhaaa ?  She is Tony’s wife. Why on earth would she entangle her brother-in-law’s life ? Are you sure Karim ? How did you get to her Karim ? , Bhai exclaimed with little joy.
Because Rekha is my sister , Karim responded with a grim on his face.

 I knew from the beginning that she is not a routine lady. She is definitely not a wife material. How could Tony be so dumb and blindly love her ? , Vinodh spoke to Mukesh.
Just shut up Vinodh. Please don’t draw any attention to us , Mukesh whispered angrily into Vinodh’s left ear.

Good Heavens !  Then I think I have hired the right guy Karim. Very well done. You are a genius. So how are you going to send him to grave ?
Bhai, we are a total of 7 in number and going in with the daggers , said Karim.  
Karim continued, Pistols or shotguns leave the clues behind. I hate that. And also they are very noisy at this hour of the day. I surely don’t want to awaken the neighbors
I have a guy in the house at the end of the street who turns on a bulb when he first notices the vehicle. This is an indication that Thakur’s vehicle is approaching. I have men positioned at different angles of the saloon. As Thakur descends his vehicle and walks into the saloon, our men are set to attack him. And don’t worry, they have veils on their faces to conceal their identities. I promise you that Thakur will not see today’s dawn. Is that fine Bhai saab ? , Karim pushed his words into the transmitter.

“Hey you SCUMBAG, Karim !!  How long are you gonna talk to your Bhai over the phone with just one coin inserted. You idiot. This is the reason why I hate these directors. They take their audience just for granted. I hate this stupid movie “,
Vinodh yelled at the big screen loudly.

Ashamed of his friend’s act, Mukesh  slowly told , Hey ! Vinodh calm down. People are watching us. Shut your loud mouth and just watch the movie.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Xclamator !!

Please avoid reading the below article if simple and silly things do not fascinate you :)
                                   A blue colored Bajaj Chetak sounding “brrrrrrrr” sped through the main gate of Elena Bettini School. Sitting on it and propelling it was Vittal. Anyone who cleared the main gate could see the mammoth building risen above the ground. One could see a huge oak tree standing in front of the building. This tree was encircled by a small and colorful circular garden. A sculpture of Mother Mary was installed in the shade and it made the entire garden look picturesque.
Vittal pulled-in his vehicle at one side of the school and walked towards the entrance. He barely strode across the exquisitely tiled corridor before Sister Lucy, the headmistress of the school, greeted him.
“ Hello Vittal, good morning ”
“ Good morning Sister Lucy “, acknowledged Vittal.
“ Very rarely do I see children’s fathers walking into this premises ”, smiled Lucy.
“ Yeah, I agree fathers are little lazy ”, responded Vittal with a broad cheer on his face.
“ Is there any purpose for your visit or you just dropped by , Mr.Vittal ? “, inquired the headmistress as she walked along with Vittal towards Class IV.
“ Yeah I will tell you, but you must not hold any impression against Rahul “, sighed Vittal and continued to walk along.
“ I had a longer day at office yesterday and returned home late. Rahul was already busy watching his favorite toon show on television.
 To unwind myself I took control of the television and tuned in a sport show ”, continued Vittal.

“ However Rahul was unhappy and instantly sulked at me for my act. I turned a deaf ear to his request and asked him to do some reading for which he protested.
He even went to the television and operated the buttons manually. I never gave up kidding with Rahul. He wouldn’t stop bugging the TV. So I took advantage of the TV-remote in my hand and used the power of CHILD-LOCK feature that seizes the manual operation.
And this event made him more grumpy and he ran away to his mother ”, heaved Vittal as they reached the mouth of Class-IV.

The kids had completed their lunch and was making most of their lunch-break. From outside, Sister Lucy noticed that the blackboard was filled with something peculiar.
The blackboard had a heading PUNCTUATION MARKS. By the style Lucy could make out that the content was written by Miss Bindu, the teacher dealing with English. Miss Bindu had a unique and fascinating way of teaching.
Lucy could see that the board had the following content.
  . –  Stopper
 ? –  Interrogator
, –  Separator
–  Highlighter

She ignored the rest and turned to Vittal.
“I hardly understand why you are talking about all this to me Mr.Vittal ”, confessed Lucy as Rahul took a glance at his father standing at the door.
“Sister Lucy, I thought yesterday I had won over my kid but….“,Vittal gasped heavily.
Sister Lucy who was still confused - dressed her face with an “Interrogator” and was about to talk as she saw Rahul coming close to his father with a TV-Remote in his hand.
Lucy was surprised and hardly knew how to react when she instinctively 
tilted her head towards the board which had one more line  ! –  Xclamator

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